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THE LAND/an art site, Mountainair, New Mexico
THE LAND/gallery, Albuquerque (419 Granite NW)

Miriam Sagan + 14 poets: Azimuth: Writing on Walls
June 6 – July 17, 2009
Reception Saturday, June 6, 5-8pm
at THE LAND/gallery, 419 Granite NW, Albuquerque

Installation detail from Azimuth: Writing on Walls, at THE LAND/gallery

An enrivonmental poetry installation by Miriam Sagan and 14 poets including: JB Bryan, Paula Castillo, Abigail Doan, Ephia, Dale Harris, Phyllis Hodge, Jeffrey Lee, Sabra Moore, Terry Mulert, Steve Peters, Suzanne Sbarge, John Tritica, Stefi Weis and Mera Wolf. A complete poem by Miriam Sagan is featured on the walls of the first room of the gallery, and the poem continues on the walls of the second gallery with the lines added by invited poets. Visitors are encouraged to participate by contributing lines to the poem, part of an interactive element during the reception.

read: Azimuth: Writing on Walls, Santa Fe Poetry Broadside, Issue #59, September 2009

EQUATION: a balanced state?
August 1 – September 19, 2009
One project at three locations:
516 ARTS, THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair and THE LAND/gallery in Albuquerque
Receptions: Saturday, August 1, 4-6pm at THE LAND/gallery & 6-8pm at 516 ARTS


image left, David Niec, Stars, Eastern and Central Direction; right, Mayumi Nishida, Introduction to Water (installation detail)

Equation: a balanced state? is an exhibition at 516 ARTS featuring the work of artists Katherine Bash, Paula Castillo, Ted Laredo, David Niec and Mayumi Nishida with a series of art installations that reflect a world where the environment is as much about ourselves and our creations as the natural world with which we struggle to strike a balance.

In the process of making art, the artist is in the middle, like the equal sign in an equation, balancing the subject matter against the artistic creation. In this exhibition, the subject matter is the environment––the virtual, built and natural environment we all inhabit. The site-specific art installations created at 516 ARTS include constructed spaces, drawings, paintings, books, videos and photographs. Each artist’s project is a small environment in itself, constructed to emphasize that in the present age of information and technology, our larger “natural “environment is inter-related with other types of environments we inhabit.

The exhibition includes digitally simulated waterfalls, built environments that glow in the dark, and explorations of the division between day and night in the natural environment as observed in the night sky of New Mexico. Science, technology and the study of climate and land usage play an important role in the research and development of these art projects.

All five of these artists are working with two additional locations in the process of creating these works at 516 ARTS: the rural worksite and exhibition space at THE LAND/an art site near Mountainair, New Mexico; and THE LAND/gallery space in downtown Albuquerque. The rural site is located 80 miles from 516 ARTS in a part of New Mexico that still reverberates with the signs of ancient civilizations. The five artists will use the art site as an outdoor studio or laboratory––a place to reflect, experiment, collect materials and create. Site-specific works related to the creation of their work at 516 ARTS will be on exhibit and open to the public at THE LAND/an art site near Mountainair. Support materials, documentation and ephemera related to the artists’ projects will be on display at THE LAND/gallery in Albuquerque. Curated by Thomas Cates.

Land and Language
September 6,
at THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair
Poet Mark Owens presents Land and Language, a site-specific installation and performance.

Conservation, Preservation & Rebirth
October 3 – November 13, 2009
Opening Reception Saturday, October 3, 5-8pm
at THE LAND/gallery, 419 Granite NW, Albuquerque

Site-specific environmental work by Yei Ehekatl, Lynne Hull, Basia Irland and J.A. Lee, including recent and ongoing projects, and a gallery exhibit of related work. Sound works by Reba Hasko and Joseph Deangelo.

Ollin Burial by Yei Ehekatl is a long-term project that covers approximately 2 acres of the exhibition space at THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair. Ollin Burial consists of 20 plots or "graves" arranged in a design that allows visitor to physically experience the various energies associated with each of the symbols of the Aztec Calendar by lying in the earth.

Stone Score by Lynne Hull blurs the boundary between conservation and art. Lynne has created a series of stone constructions based on the designs and research of Quivira Coalition hydrologist Bill Zeedyk. The purpose of these interventions is to restore the stability of incised stream channels or arroyos. By scientifically re-arranging the stones, the music of the arroyo is being re-written, creating a new stone score for the surrounding habitat.

Dry River by Basia Irland is about anticipating the flow of water in an arroyo that only runs a few times each year. Basia has created books from un-fired New Mexican clay and mud. The "texts" are written with seeds ready to be dispersed when the books dissolve. The books are on display in THE LAND/gallery and will be strategically placed to sow their seeds into Lynne Hull's Stone Score.

October by J.A. Lee is an environmental essay-installation at THE LAND/an art site which addresses ideas of "here" and "there" by way of a walk around the number 8. A related text piece brings a sampling of these ideas into the walled environment of THE LAND/gallery in Albuquerque.

Reba Hasko and Joseph Angelo are presenting original recorded music and sound art at THE LAND/gallery constructed and influenced by sound at THE LAND/an art site.

image: Yei Ehekatl, Ollin Burial

Other Environments
November 21, 2009 – January 8, 2010
at THE LAND/gallery, 419 Granite NW, Albuquerque
Reception Saturday, November 21, 6-9pm

Timothy Wyllie's Southwestern landscapes operate both as closely observed portrayals of specific environments and as settings for an interface between the limitless environments of inner mind and outer space. His canyons, mountains and mesas, populated by otherworldly orbs, eggs and ET's, are whimsical, thought provoking, colorful, and loaded with detail. This exhibit features a sampling of Wyllie's oeuvre from the current space-time continuum.


Presented by THE LAND/an art site

Saturday, June 13, 2pm
Suzanne Garrigues, Environmental Art: A Historical Perspective
at the Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque, 505-243-7255, www.cabq.gov/museum

Sunday, June 28, 11am
Lynne Hull, Environmental Art from Lascaux to Last Week
at the Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque, 505-243-7255, www.cabq.gov/museum

Saturday, September 5, 6-9pm
William L. Fox, Cognition, Land and Landscape
at THE LAND/gallery in Albuquerque

A rare opportunity to be part of an intimate, salon style, informal dinner conversation with William L. Fox, director of the Nevada Museum of Art's Center for Art + Environment. He is an independent scholar, curator, poet & author of many books on landsdcape, including Mapping the Empty, Driving by Memory, The Void, The Grid & The Sign, Terra Antarctica and Driving to Mars. The conversation will center around the role environmental perceptions and attitudes play in the creation of land-based art.
Admission: $50.00 donation fee includes dinner and wine
Space is limited. RSVP to THE LAND/an art site at 505-242-1501, theland@comcast.net

Sunday, September 6, 2pm

William L. Fox, Discovering a Vocabulary in the Landscape
at THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair, New Mexico

William L. Fox will lead a site walk and discussion at THE LAND/an art site, entitled Discovering a Vocabulary in the Landscape. As part of the event, Portland-based poet and environmental artist Mark Owens will present a site-specific, land/language performance at 11:30am.
The walk and discussion will start at 2:00 pm and will last most of the afternoon with fun and refreshments.

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THE LAND/an art site, Inc., is a non-profit organization founded in 2000, providing environmental artists with opportunities to work and exhibit in New Mexico, and working to promote awareness of environmental issues through the art.

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