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  The Guild Cinema

The Guild Cinema presented films about land-based art.

Rivers and Tides
August 8 & 9

Wildly praised by the nation's top critics, the smash theatrical hit Rivers and Tides is a mesmerizing, poetic and curiously contemplative portrait of revered Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, whose long-winding rock walls, icicle assemblages and other intricate, druidic masterpieces are made entirely of materials found in the wild. Gorgeously shot and edited by director Thomas Riedelsheimer, Rivers and Tides is an intoxicating study of the fragile relationship between man, art and nature.
Director, Thomas Riedelsheimer, 2001, (90 minutes)

Spiral Jetty
August 15

This is a poetic and process minded film depicting a "portrait" of Robert Smithson’s renowned earth work The Spiral Jetty, as it juts into the shallows off the shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake. It was made by the artist with the assistance of Virgina Dwan. Sequences filmed in a natural history museum are integrated into the film featuring prehistoric relics that illustrate themes central to Smithson's work. A section is filmed by Nancy Holt, as Smithson wanted Holt to shoot the "earth's history".
By Robert Smithson, 1970, (32 minutes)

Water Films by Basia Irland

Sunday, August 16

Basia Irland creates international water projects that are featured in her book, Water Library (University of New Mexico Press, 2007). She is currently working on commissioned river projects in Belgium and Washington State. She creates rainwater harvesting systems, community projects along lengths of rivers and waterborne disease projects around the world, most recently in Egypt, Ethiopia, India and Nepal. The Guild will feature several of Basia's video documentaries including:

Download Water Films guide

Kathmandu's Sacred River: On the Bagmati at Pashupatinath Temple, 2009 (11:06)
, 2009 (9:24)
A Gathering of Waters: Boulder Creek, Continental Divide to Confluence, 2007 (5:20)
Bilharzia Blues: An Integrated Artistic/Biological Approach to Schistosomiasis in Egypt, Ethiopia and Nepal,
2009 (19:35)
Book of Drought: A Water Memory,
2009 (3:38)
A Gathering of Waters: Río Grande, Source to Sea,
1995-2000 (26:30)
2009 (3:00)
A Gathering of Waters: Nisqually River, Source to Sound,
2009 (15:00)

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images (top to bottom): Andy Goldsworthy from Rivers & Tides; Basia Irland, Nisqually River Backpack


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